What you can do

Join the “Ethical Ke-tai Campain” to demand ethical products!

Send the attached postcard with your signature to the campaign secretariat. We need your voices to pressure the manufacturers.

Choose ethical and fair products and carefully use them for a long time.

Choose and buy Ke-tai and other products that are energy and resource efficient and environmental-friendly, and carefully use them for a long time. Lower market demands will reduce mining needs.

Join the Ke-tai Gorilla Campaign promoting collection and recycling of used ke-tai.

Metalic parts can be reused many times by recycling used products. The Ke-tai Gorilla Campaign organized by A SEED JAPAN promots recollecting ke-tai and other products and offers the earnings from recycling as donation to NGOs working to protect wild gorillas.


For the detal of Ke-tai Gorilla Campaign, please visit:


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