Letter of Affirmation (to be endorsed)

Through the “Ethical Ke-tai” Campaign, I learned the following facts brought about by mining.

  • Damaged wildlife and biodiversity loss
  • Forced relocation of indigenous and local residents depriving of their land
  • Child labor and poor working conditions
  • Funding armed counter-insurgent groups that sustain conflicts.

For a long time, I looked at these problems as other peoples’ problems on the other side of the planet. But, now I know that my mobile phone and other electronic appliances contain metal parts that may have been mined and produced unethically

I, as a consumer am committed to choosing products that do not harm nature or products while making sure to use them for a long time and to recycle them at the end of the product life.

I strongly demand electronic companies to ensure that their products are free from exploiting nature, ecosystem, human and human rights.

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